May 2011 results

IB results

Congratulations to our examination takers in May 2011!

ISB IB diploma students achieved a 100% pass rate with 62 diplomas awarded. The world average pass rate for the IB Diploma for May 2011 is 78%.  Total diploma scores range from 26 – 43 points and the average diploma score is 35. The world average diploma score this year is 29.

This achievement is testament to the hard work and dedication of all the diploma students to their studies and every diploma awarded is a celebration and acknowledgement of the individual endeavors over the past two years.

Taylor Boekles, Thien Phuc Nguyen Hoang, Namyi Kang, Simapa Ownsuwan, Victoria Prinz, Nicha Ruchirawat, Tamrong Teo and Howard Zhang achieved 40 or more for their diploma.

Overall, 204 ISB students took one or more IB subject examinations in May 2011. 53.4% of the results were scores of 6 or 7 (7 being the highest score) and 96.4% were scores of 4 or higher. These statistics include the Diploma,  Certificate (11th and 12th grade non-diploma) and Anticipated (11th grade diploma) students’ results.

The summary table of May 2011 results will be available on the high school IB webpage very soon.

Also in May, 22 students took one or more AP examinations in a variety of subjects. With a score range of 1 – 5, 5 being the highest, 90% of the results were scores 3 – 5 with 52% of the scores being 5s.


Once again, we congratulate all our IB and AP exam takers and their teachers on their successes in the May 2011 exam session.

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