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Plagiarism Infographic

May 16, 2012

Turnitin.com (everyone’s favorite site I’m sure) released an infographic showing the state of plagiarism based on their data. Now my only question is am I plagiarizing re-posting their image and linking to their content here?  Am I citing them properly? I’m not using MLA or APA. I took…yes….just took their image off their website and stuck it in below. The website and it’s content are released under a Creative Commons 3.0 License, however is simply embedding their image below and linking back to the site enough to keep me off the plagiarism radar? The web was made for sharing, remixing, and using content. If that’s the case why can’t we use content written on the web in our papers? I find it interesting that Trunitin calls remixing plagiarism. Really? Why can’t we take ideas from others and remix them into our own new paper? Musicians do it all the time, artiest do it all the time so do dancers and actors. Yet when it comes to writing a paper we’re not allowed to remix….in a society and culture that tells us it’s OK to do so.

Also….most of the points made below talk about not properly citing sources…really? If that’s the case why aren’t we spending more time teaching that in school? Or are we and you just aren’t following directions?

I have to say I’m a bit frustrated by this…..but anyway….here’s the findings see what you think.

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