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Need a Reviewer for the Kobo E-Book Reader

April 25, 2012

Kobo Touch

I have a friend who works for Kobo. The #1 selling E-Book Reader in Canada and many other areas outside of the United States. The Kobo Touch was recently ranked the #1 e-reader by Wired Magazine.

I have two Kobo’s that the company would like to get a student’s review on. I have the very popular Kobo Touch as well as the just released Kobo Vox.

The Kobo Touch is much like the Kindle Touch although thinner, sleeker and just has a fantastic feel.

The Kobo Vox is much like the Kindle Fire. It runs Android 2.3.3 which allows you to download apps, play games, etc as well as read books.

If you would be interested in using these devices (still new in the box) see me (Mr. Utecht) and I’ll check them out to you for as long as you need them to do your review.

Kobo Vox

Your review of the e-reader will be posted here as well as on the library blog and my personal blog TheThinkingStick.com which reaches some 50,000 readers a month. So this is something worth having your name attached to.

This is a first come first serve offer.