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What If A Friend Uploads A Picture Of Me To Facebook?

April 9, 2012

As I continue to go through your feedback from the You(s) presentation many of you have questions about Facebook and the information within it. I think this Venn diagram below is what you should be thinking about the Internet and Privacy.

Image by Flowing Data

Basically there is no privacy on the Internet and if you start thinking that everything you put on the Internet, no matter your privacy settings could end up public I think you’ll save yourself a lot of heartache later in life.

Two questions that seem to be popular are:

“If a ‘friend’ uploads a photo of me that I don’t like, I can untag myself, but it there anyway to entirely remove it?

“What if a ‘friend’ posts inappropriate content on my page (swearing, etc) will I be judged on my friends comments?”

Two great questions!

Photos on Facebook

Facebook has now made it easy for you to untag yourself from any photo that you are tagged in which is great. But there is no way for you to remove a picture that you are in from Facebook if you don’t own that image. So what can you do if there is an image of you on Facebook that you would like removed?

  1. The best and easiest thing to do is to contact the owner of the photo and ask them nicely to please remove the picture? I have done this a couple times and also have had others ask me to take down photos of them that they didn’t like. This works 99% of the time and if they truly are a ‘friend’ then they should respect you enough to take down a photo of you.
  2. Don’t put yourself in any situation where you wouldn’t want an image of you uploaded. Anywhere there are cameras around….and lets face it..that’s everywhere, then you need to make sure you do not put yourself in a situation where you’ll be regretting photos taken of you.

Those are about your only two options.


Inappropriate Content On Your Wall

Some rights reserved by Marcin Wichary

The problem with this question is…..we really don’t know. Put yourself in the shoes of a university, an employer, or a parent and then look at your wall. Some people think that you should be responsible for that information while others don’t. Mashable (one of my favorite websites) had an excellent blog post about what you can do if an employee asks for your Facebook Password.

This is one of those things that as a society we haven’t decided what is the right thing to do. Some people say you are guilty by association while others say that you shouldn’t be held responsible for what others write. Personally, I hide those updates from my timeline or if people swear or say things I don’t agree with often I’ll unfriend them. I have had to unfriend real life friends for the content that they have posted or shared in Facebook. It’s not a fun conversation to have but in the end it’s my profile and I am responsible for it. If you want to be my friend then you better be posting things that are not offensive to me or others.

Remember everything you write, whether your own status update, a Like on a status, or a comment on a photo all becomes part of your digital profile. If there is no privacy on the Internet then you need to be thinking about what you click, what you post before you actually do it.

Tell yourself that everything is public….and then think about who you want to be publicly to the world. From there you can make decisions on what it is you want to post, who you want to friend, and what images you really want to share with others.