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The Meaning Behind Generational Names

April 6, 2012

As I’ve been going through your feedback from the You(s) presentation, I’ve been noting some of the more interesting questions you had from the presentation and about your generation in general.

It seems a lot of you are interested in the meaning fo the different generations. The research and data I’ll share with you is U.S. based but I believe pretty much holds true for the world today…especially as we become more global.

Generations Dates of Birth:

From Pew Research Center

G.I. Generation 1901-1924

Silent Generation 1925 – 1942

Boomer Generation 1943-1960

Generation X 1961-1981

Millennial Generation 1982-2002

The dates on when one generation ends and another begins are not exact. There is about a 5 year window from the date stated that the generation overlaps with the generation behind and in front of it.

Although in the past generations where given their names over time…you’re generation actually choose your name. In 1997 ABC News in the United States ran a poll asking for names for your generation. They then took the top 10 recommendations and created an online poll that thousands of your generation took. You also have to remember in 1997 the Internet as we know it today is only about 2 years old. So these were the very early days of the Internet. The names on the ABC Poll:

1. Millennials

2. “Don’t Label Us”

3. Generation Y (or Why)

4. Generation Tech

5. Generation Next

6. Generation.com

7. Generation 2000

8. Echo Boom

9. Boomer Babies

10. Generation XX

What are your thoughts on the names? Is there something else you wish your generation would be called?

List of names comes from the book Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation

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