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USB Thumb Drive’s are so 2008

February 28, 2012

I still remember in 2002 before my wife and I were getting ready to head overseas that I bought this sweet Dell computer and for an extra $60 I could get a 256MB Thumb Drive (Yeah..that’s MB not GB!). It was the future, the ability to quickly transfer files from one computer to another on a stick that could fit in your pocket. Ah…those were the days…walking around with 5 different thumb drives and having to back things up in multiple places because you never knew when one would corrupt your files.

What’s that? You still walk around with 5 thumb drives?

You’re kidding right? You are so 2000 and late!

Welcome to the Cloud

Let me introduce you to a little thing called cloud storage…or “out there” as I hear people refer to it too from time to time. There are sites that are dedicated to storing your documents for you securely and safely no matter where you go. Now some of you are already doing this. I saw one student today download her homework from an e-mail she sent herself. I almost wept it was so beautiful. The file, not corrupted just waiting there for her in her inbox.

Now e-mailing documents to yourself is not a bad idea, the only issue is once you go over 20MB you can’t attach the file to an e-mail. It doesn’t take long for a PowerPoint or a couple images to get above 20MB these days so what you need is a true storage solution.

Welcome to Dropbox

Dropbox is a fantastic service that gives you 5GB (Yes, that GB!) of space for free and the best part is your files can be any size. I highly recommend that you sign up for the service as it’s just plain awesome.

As much as I love how creative some of you have gotten when it comes to your USB Thumb Drives and loosing them….there really is a better way to keep track of all your files without having to go through the process of making posters just in case you forget your Thumb Drive in the library. So do yourself a favor and get a Dropbox account today!

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