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Meet Earth’s Sister Planet

December 8, 2011

On Monday NASA revealed the name of a planet that is most like that of Earth. As reported by Mashable

The planet, more properly known as Kepler 22-b, was revealed to the world Monday via a press conference at NASA Ames Research Center. It is one of thousands of planets discovered outside our solar system via the Kepler space telescope — and the first one that is slap-bang in the middle of what astronomers (really) call the Goldilocks zone: not too hot, not too cold, just right for life.

The planet is only 600 light years away. Meaning if we could travel at the speed of light it would only take us 600 years to reach the planet.

We know it’s about twice the size of Earth, and that the average surface temperature is a balmy 72 degrees Farenheit. More importantly, we now know for sure that planets other than ours exist in the habitable zones around their stars.

So do you believe in life out there?