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Odyssey Club Poetry Contest Winners

December 7, 2011

As educators, we try to encourage our students to develop their ‘voice’, resulting in a stronger sense of self.  One of the many ways in which this process occurs is the act of writing. Therefore, every year The Odyssey Club hosts a poetry contest challenging any High School student to enter. This year, the themes or styles were wide open, allowing for creative inspirations to shine.

We received over 30 entries and were thrilled with the quality and depth of the poetry. Mr. Fitzgerald, Ms. Barclay and I commented on the courage of so many of our HS students to use their ‘voice’ and share themselves publicly with their writing.
We would like to congratulate this years’ winners and all those who shared their work.

Dancing Shadows of the Fleeting Light

by Becca Chairin

No one ever notices the fine line that stands

Between night and morning


It’s not invisible, it’s not fading –

It is hidden.

Only those with the hunger to feed off the dew of the night sky –

Those who are heel-claden, smoke-laden –

Those drunk off the wine of another’s company as they hold hands and walk

with steps synchronized –

Those whose minds spin of their own doing –

Those who blink shorter and faster and keep their eyes wide open even

through the risk of going blind –

Those who jump and fall and never stop falling into the dark unknown abyss

of the graves they dug for themselves knowing that within the coffin lies

a small, gasping, beating heart –

Those who see in the dark –

Those who sprawl the ground looking for the glasses they seemed to have

dropped and hoping they don’t get stepped on –

Those eternally mapping out each step, each touch, each kiss –

Those who lie between the bed sheets with another then another then no one –

Those who trample the ground of each new place they arrive at, while floating

in bliss across turbulent waters –

Those who seek revenge against a non-existent past, filled with rage and

passion –

Those who hide things under pillows to keep them from stubborn eyes –

And fall asleep on them wondering about the existence of alternate universes.

Some move to new places to find their new calling;

Some weep for themselves in the dawn of the morning.

You Wanted a Poem?

Michael Pollock

Here’s your damn poem,
But not the pretty kind that rhymes, no.

My poem doesn’t have any structure.
You got a problem with that?

Maybe you’re starting to feel like me.

Like that feeling when you keep hearing

“Try try again”

Over and over in your head,

And you’re ready to liquefy your brains

Just to pour it out of your ears.

When your mother says

“I just know you can do it”
And you really believe her.
The first few times you try,

Until you realize she was wrong. Thanks Mom.

And that feeling when you NEED

A third example of frustration,

(Because we all learned from fairy tales
That three is the magic number)

And your mind becomes constipated,

And you finally come up with something clever.

Only it’s not.

And that feeling when

That last stanza wasn’t five lines.
And this stanza makes four examples.

And you’re mad about the structure that
This poem wasn’t supposed to have.

And you’re in defeat,

On the verge of tears

Because you’re not a poet.

And this is all wrong, I’m done.

But there’s your poem.

Not what you wanted?
Me neither.

Image Credit: AttributionNoncommercialNo Derivative Works Some rights reserved by radioher