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New Tags to get more viewers to your blog content

November 25, 2011

There are now two new ways to get your content viewed and also let your thoughts and ideas be heard. We have now made it possible for you to write a blog post on your blog and simply tag it with a couple of key tags to have your content show up in different places.

Tags: Books, BookReview
Using either tag Books or BookReview will send your blog post to the Library Blog. Ms. Jamgochian will then review your content for appropriateness and publish your post on the Library blog. Write book reviews, recommend a book, or create a book trailer and tell others what you think about a particular book.

Tag: hsannouncement
Using this tag will send your blog post to this blog. Now you can write articles on your blog and if you feel the content would benefits all high school students simply tag it with hsannouncement and Mr. Utecht will approve it to go on the HS Virtual Bulletin Board. Things you can write about.

  • Club Happenings
  • Sports Updates
  • Concert Reflections, Drama or Dance performances
  • Other news that you feel HS students should know about

How do I Tag a post?

Tagging your blog posts is simple and is the same procedure we’ll use again for your GCW Reflections. When writing or editing a blog post look for the “Post Tags” down the right hand side. Simply type in the tags you want to add separated by a comma and click “Add”.

Once you publish your post the system kicks into action. Your blog posts will be sent to the correct blog in about an hour. You can also send Ms. Jamgochian or Mr. Utecht an e-mail to let them know to check and review your content to get it up quicker.

All blog posts will appear with a link back to your blog and original blog posts. This is a great way to start creating links coming into your blog and start driving traffic to your site which in returns pushes your blog higher on Google results.

Image Credit: AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by rharrison