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5 Reasons to Check your Student E-Mail Daily

September 6, 2011

Some rights reserved by Håkan Dahlström

There are many reasons to go Google. ISB has gone completely Google this year for both students and teachers. Here are 5 reasons why you should be logging into your school google account every day.

1. 25GB of Space

Nobody…and I mean nobody can give you space like that. What you do with your mail space is up to you. It’s not a bad place to upload and store documents you work on here at school on a school computer. Just write an e-mail to yourself or start and e-mail and save it as a draft. Either way 25GB is a lot of space!

2. It’s not really about e-mail

Really….e-mail is just e-mail it’s been around since 1970 and hasn’t change much from the very first message sent. But really ISB didn’t move to Google Apps for the gmail. Sure it’s nice, fast, and loads of space but it’s what you get with Google Apps that is the real reason we made the switch. Docs, Calendar, Sites and Groups along with Gmail make up the core of Google Apps and are the real power. Use all the Google Apps tools to better manage your digital life and is another reason why logging into your Google Apps account should be a daily habit.

3. Preparing for College

Leading Universities around the world are moving to Google Apps. Notre Dame, Arizona State, Univ. of Westminster, and Northwestern Univ. are just a few of the big name universities who have moved to Google Apps. Start using the complete set of tools to prepare yourself for life beyond ISB.

4. Google Groups for Everything

Google Groups is a powerful way to keep everyone in your club on the same page and be able to have a running dialog about what needs to happen and what’s been completed. You can create a group for your club or activity right in your school Google account and quickly add members and decide how you want to get updated about group postings. Check out the Group Tour

5. Access anywhere on any device

It’s no secret I hate hotmail. I had a hotmail account in 1999 and deleted it in 2000. Hotmail just hasn’t been able to keep up with the changes in access and speed that Gmail and the Google Apps provide including being able to connect you account on any number of devices. I don’t see Blackberry, Apple, or Android having simple set up for Hotmail and Yahoo accounts. In fact Yahoo still wants you to pay $9.95USD a month to be able to connect your e-mail account to a mobile device or a desktop app. With Gmail it’s all free and already turned on for ya. Just another way they make things simple.

Get use to using all the features of Google Apps and signing in daily to your account. Click on the Gmail button in the quick lookup area and think about how you can fit Google Apps into your work flow.

If you really want to learn how to use all the Google Apps you can always become an ISB Google Apps Master Ninja