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ISB Radio: A Club for the Geeky and the Gabby

August 25, 2011

Last year the ISB Radio Club got off the ground. It was a typical year for a new club. Slow start, scrounging together resources from around the school to make a go of it…and just trying to figure everything out.

Well….this year we’ve figured it out!

Over the summer ISB purchased new audio equipment…we’re talking real audio equipment like radio station and big name podcasts use. We’ve got a head set for every DJ, a new G5 Apple Server (OK, not new…Mr. U found it and begged to use it). New mics, new mic stands…we’re talking BIG TIME BABY.

Now we just need people interested in making it work. We need Geeks who love playing creating and mixing audio. We need gabbers who can talk, come up with ideas, interview people, and think on the fly.

Live on the Web!

This year not only will we be releasing our shows via iTunes (iTunes link) but also we’ll be LIVE on the Internet in real time. Listeners will be able to chat to the hosts live on the show….and if the geeks can figure it out…maybe even have live call ins? (How cool is play by play going to be for IASAS!)

Here’s the problem…..all the people involved in the club last year graduated :( So we’re starting at 0.

MR. U will be broadcasting live from the Club Fair. There will be an extra mic for anyone interested to sit down, and give it a go.

Let’s make ISB Radio the amazing club it can be bringing the latest ideas and greatest voices from ISB to the world!

(Wanna advertise your club here? See Mr. U in the Library!)