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May 26, 2021
by esmusic

“Mama Lama”: A Grade 4 Music Collaboration!

After learning this song during their Zoom music class, grade 4 musicians (and some teachers/principals!) submitted videos for this project. The song is performed in a rondo form (ABACA), with improvised body percussion performed in question/answer style in the B and C sections. Great job, musicians!


May 26, 2021
by esmusic

ES Spring Concert: Panther String Ensemble, Orff Ensemble & Choir

On May 24th, musicians from the three ES music ensembles gathered together on Zoom for a virtual concert, sharing videos they have been collaborating on from home. Please enjoy the results of their hard work by viewing the full playlist below. We are proud of these young musicians and the commitment they’ve demonstrated in seeing this performance through, against all odds!

May 26, 2021
by esmusic

Music Shares!

Please enjoy the talent of our ES students in our ISB ES tradition: the Music Shares! We are very proud of the courage and commitment these students show as they demonstrate their many passions and interests! Each grade level Music Share will be uploaded after the students have viewed them during their Zoom Music class. 

Grade 5

Grade 4

Grade 3 (Black/Marshall/Longman)

Grade 3 (Gold/Macky)

Grade 2 (Giles/Ants/Young)

Grade 2 (Nagamine/Bees)

Grade 1 (Barness/Murphy)

Grade 1 (Roback/Scranton)


March 24, 2021
by esmusic

Music Shares are Coming!

This year, Music Shares will take place May 21-28! This is an opportunity for students to prepare music, drama, or dance performances to share with an audience of parents and their peers. Students are invited to perform a 2 to 3 minute piece that they have prepared outside of music class to share with their class.

For more information, you can find the full schedule and sign-up form HERE*!

Please note, students will be bringing home a paper copy of the schedule and signup form soon! Feel free to print and return the form linked above if the original form is lost!

March 5, 2021
by esmusic

Music Celebrations of Learning, 2021 – Videos & Photos


Ms. Pool’s Class: Video & Photos

Ms. Brickerd’s Class: Video & Photos

Ms. Swanlaw’s Class: Video & Photos

Ms. Whitman’s Class: Video & Photos

Grade One

Ms. Barness’s Class: Video & Photos

Ms. Roback’s Class: Video & Photos

Ms. Murphy’s Class: Video & Photos

Ms. Scranton’s Class: Video & Photos

Grade Two: The Games We Play

Giles/Young/Bees: Video & Photos

Nagamine/Ants: Video & Photos

“The Games We Play” Videos:

“Que Llueva” (Giles)

“King’s Land” (The Bees)

“Chase the Squirrel” (Young)

“Dr. Foster” (Nagamine)

“Witch Witch” (The Ants)

Grade Three: Experiencing Ensemble

Macky/Longman: Video & Photos

Black Group/Gold Group/Marshall: Video & Photos

Class Slideshows: Macky, Longman, Black, Gold, Marshall

Grade Four: Progression

Gold Group/Bailey/Crimi: Video & Photos

Garrett/Black Group: Video & Photos

Class Slideshows: Gold, Bailey, Crimi, Garrett, Black

Grade Five: Same Same but Different

Video of Theater Performance

Photos from Theater Performance & Learning Process

Introductory Video

Music for Communication: Family Interviews & Student Quotes

Music for Comfort 1: Family Interviews & Student Quotes

Music for Comfort 2: Family Interviews & Student Quotes

Music for Celebration: Family Interviews & Student Quotes


February 4, 2021
by esmusic

Music Celebrations of Learning are Coming!

Please join us for the upcoming Music Celebrations of Learning for students in Kindergarten-Grade 5! Below you will find the dates and times for each grade level and class. Kindergarten and Grade 1 will be virtual watch parties that you may access via the included Zoom links. Grades 2-5 will be performing live in the Chevron theatre. More information about the audience capacity for these performances will be updated in the near future.

November 10, 2020
by esmusic

Intercultural Day 2020

Yesterday, we launched our Intercultural Week with various grade level assemblies. Below is the community song “I Am But a Small Voice” performed by our Panther Orff Ensemble and Panther Choir. Feel free to click on the video and sing along!

October 13, 2020
by esmusic

Loy Krathong Community Song

On October 31st, Thailand will celebrate Loy Krathong! The evening of Loy Krathong is one of the most picturesque festivals in Bangkok. It’s when people gather around lakes, rivers and canals to pay respects to the goddess of water by releasing beautiful lotus-shaped rafts, decorated with candles, incense and flowers onto the water.

Click HERE to sing the Loy Krathong song at home!


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