What does your digital profile say about you?

Uni throws Facebook at reveller

Alarms sound over athletes’ Facebook time

Myspace photo costs teaching certificate

Search yourself on Google

Evaluate your Facebook Page

Where are you creating your digital profile?

Website as a graphic

Facebook privacy through the years

Tell-All Generation Learns to Keep Things Offline

Principal in NJ that is asking parents to ban all Social-Networking sites from students

Why is a digital profile essential in today’s digital world?

Creating a identity can advance your career

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How are you going to take control of your digital profile?

It’s up to you….either you take control of your digital profile or hand the control over to everyone on the Internet. It’s your choice!

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  1. […] was wrestling to keep up with the news streams today, I was talking with 10th graders about their digital profiles. As we were waiting for a site to load a girl in the front row got frustrated and said. […]

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