Word Study

This is our weekly Word Study Routine for this semester:


At school:

1) Cut your words out

2) Say them (quietly)

3) Sort them by YOUR rule (Open Sort)

-eg: syllables, beginning sounds, end sounds, parts of speech, consonant count

4) Write them in your notebook and explain YOUR rule for sorting them

At home: Alphabetical Sort (put your words in alphabetical order and record them in your notebook). Then use green, yellow or red to identify words we need to work on (dots, underline OR circle).

Green: I know it and can use it in a sentence

Yellow: I know it, but can’t use it in a sentence

Red: A new word … I do not know it


At school:

1) Take out your words and say each of them once

2) Introduction to the rule for your sort (Closed Sort)

3) Sort your words by the rule (Closed Sort)

3) Record them in your notebook (using the categories from your activity book)

At home: Look up the yellow and red words for this sort and explain what they mean OR try to use them in a sentence.


At school:

1) Review the rule with your group

2) Sort your words by the rule (Closed Sort)

3) Challenge: Add 3 new words to each group and record in notebook [star them]

At home: Choose one activity from the menu to complete, focusing on the yellow and red words from your sort.


At school:

1) Review the rule (Speed Sort)

2) Blind (buddy) Sort: Your buddy will say 10 challenging words to you, and you need to point to the category it fits into and then write the word in your notebook … kind of a like a practice quiz. Switch when 10 words are complete.

At home: Complete the review page from your student book


Before School:

1) Review the rule

2) Glue your words into your student book

At school:

3) Word Study Assessment

4) Write the rule at the bottom of your assessment paper


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