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As we gear up for our Songkran Break, we would like to add a little fun and excitement to Grade 4.

All the students in Grade 4 will take part in a ‘Songkran Splash’ collaborative games.

Be prepared for a lot of fun and to get very wet !

On Thursday 10th April we will ask the students to:

  • come into school in their school uniform or PE uniform.
  • after recess, change into their swim suit and/or PE uniforms, with hat and water bottle.
  • participate with different students from 4th grade classes in water-based games on the field. Water bottles and hats are needed along with a T-shirt to cover bodies so that they do not get burnt. Please use sunscreen to help protect against the sun as well.
  • change back into their school uniform ready for the afternoon session. A change of clothes is important, as your child will get very wet.

No parental help is needed, but please help your child to pack their swim suit/ PE uniform/ hat/ water bottle/ sunscreen for the day. Remember, they should have a change of clothes (school uniform and swimsuit/ PE clothes or other clothing appropriate for the water activities)

This is a student-only event that we hope will help students work collaboratively in a fun-filled way, to achieve a task.

It will be wet ! It will be fun! It will be a fun-filled Grade 4 event to remember!

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We’re excited about our upcoming overnight field trip to Ayutthaya.

Grade 4 students and teachers can’t wait to get out on the barge and to explore the temples of Ayutthaya.

Here’s a slideshow to give you the important information about the field trip:

Take a look at some of the highlights from last year:

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It’s going to be a brilliant trip!

What are you looking forward to?
What do you think will be the best thing about the trip?

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Dear Grade Four Parents,

We would like to invite you to a parent information meeting on Tuesday (Sept. 24th) in the MPB 2 and 3, starting at 6:30 PM, which will introduce the Grade 4 Overnight Trip to our Grade 4 families. The excitement is building as the dates draw near for our overnight trips to Ayutthaya. We see this as a very valuable learning experience for your children, and look forward to participating in a  variety of highly engaging activities. It will be great working closely with The Traidhos Three Generation Barge Program to make this trip truly memorable for the kids.

Over the course of 2 days, learners will:

* investigate the importance of water, linking to our first FOSS Science Unit “Water”

* consider human impact on the river and our responsibility to the natural world

* understand Ayutthaya’s role as an ancient capital and its connection to the Chao Phraya River

* explore history in creative ways

* have fun working, learning and growing together as a Grade 4 community


Field Trip Dates (mark your calendars!):

Oct. 17 + 18: Jamie Hamlin and David Crimi

Oct. 30 + 31: Cheryl Terry and Alan Ward

Nov. 5 + 6: Mike Jessee and Caryn Macky


Important information:

1) As one of our goals is to foster independence within the children, we will not be taking parent chaperones on this trip. We will address this topic further during our parent information session on Sept. 24th.

2) Electronics (mobile phones, iPods, portable game devices) are not needed during this trip, so please make sure they stay home. Again, we can provide information about this at the parent meeting on the 24th.  Students are permitted to bring digital cameras, but please emphasize that they are responsible for them at all times.

3) Money is not needed, but can be brought to purchase souvenirs. The Barge group have a very small shop and kids can buy t-shirts, pencil cases etc. Please make sure it is no more than 300 baht.

4) We will expect children to be at school at 7:15 on the morning their class leaves for the trip. The bus will leave as soon after 7:30 as we can.

More information, along with permission and packing forms, will be coming home in the next couple of weeks, so watch for these please.


The Grade 4 Teaching Team

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Our class had a great time exploring Ayutthaya and traveling on the barge on the Chao Phraya River.

We learned a lot about macro invertebrates and life on the river, as well as how we can influence the quality of water. We also gained an understanding of influences on life in ancient Ayutthaya. Team building and working with others was also a big focus of our field trip.

Take a look at these great photos to see what we got up to on our overnight field trip. We had a blast!

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What was your favorite part of the trip?

Leave a comment to let us know what you enjoyed most.

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Thank you to all of the parents who brought in snacks during International Week. We loved sampling the international treats and enjoying tastes we haven’t tried before. A big thanks to Zai and her mother, Yuwana, who gave us a presentation on Loy Krathong. We had a ball making krathongs in class and I hope you all had fun floating your krathongs. If you were involved in our International Day activities which transformed our classrooms into countries from around the world, whether it was in Grade 4 or other grade levels, thank you so much! We know a lot of time and effort goes into these activities. The students had a blast and really loved learning more about your cultures.


We’re looking forward to more great learning coming up over the next few weeks. We will be holding a class celebration in the last week before Winter break, most likely on Thursday December 20. Keep a look out for more information on the celebration coming soon.

What did you like best in International Week?

What did you learn about other countries and cultures on International Day?

Leave a comment to tell us what you learned and enjoyed most.

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Here is the eagerly awaited packing list. Have fun filling your bag… but remember that you have to be able to carry it!

We will talk about this more in class this coming week, and answer the many questions I am sure you will have. Please try to bring a soft pack like a duffle bag rather than a hard suitcase for easy storage. Pillows/pillowcases, sheets and a light blanket will be provided at the temple. You can bring a sleeping bag or pillow if you wish, but it should fit inside your bag. That way it will be easy to carry and you won’t lose anything.

Please make sure you clearly label all your clothing and equipment with your name.


Traidhos Three Generation Barge Program

ISB Grade 4 Dec 2012 Packing List

Clothes and personal gear:

1 spare pair of ISB shorts

1 spare ISB polo-shirt

Pajamas or other appropriate sleepwear

1 long pair of lightweight pants (for temple visits)

1 pair walking/hiking shoes (that can get wet and muddy)

1 pair sandals

1 or 2 pairs of socks


Thin sweater/jumper for indoor accommodation


Personal toiletries (tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, comb, etc.)

Regular Medications (Please label dosage clearly and note on Participant List) to be handed to Nurse at departure.


Reusable water bottle

Sunscreen (at least spf. 15)



Bug repellent (avoid D.E.E.T. chemical base; roll-ons are preferable to spray)

Sturdy day pack (small) for carrying things during the day

Pens/pencils/eraser/cm ruler

You may also enjoy bringing:



Book to read

Personal Journal

Pocket Money (no more than 300 baht)

DO NOT bring:

Any electrical equipment (e.g. computers, mobile phone, gameboy)

Snacks and Candy (there will be plenty of food provided!)

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Hi Grade 4!

Last Friday we had our first ever Grade 4 Community Building Celebration. Below, you can see some video of the afternoon and the activities we used to mix you up, challenge you, and celebrate what an amazing bunch of students we have this year!

Now, we would like some feedback. Please write a blog post which explains your feelings on the importance of team building, working with other students from other classes, and celebrating with each other. How does this help us as learners @ ISB? Of course, you could also even talk about your favorite activity on the afternoon!

The Grade 4 teachers look forward to reading your blog posts …

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