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A big thanks to those of you who could join us for the Grade 4 Science Fair.

Students in 4th grade have come a long way in testing scientific ideas this year and using the scientific process to create experiments. They are now becoming familiar with making clear questions to test, making a hypothesis and writing a clear, easy-to-follow procedure. Creating a fair test (changing one variable at a time) and recording observations and results is also an important part of the process. Finally, students make a conclusion, stating a claim supported with evidence from their investigations.

Take a look at some of our projects:

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What was your favorite part of the Science Fair and independent investigation?

Leave a comment to let us know what you enjoyed.

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Grade 4 Science Fair & Music Assembly

We have 2 big events coming up in Grade 4. Come and join us for the Grade 4 Science Fair and ES Music Assembly!

The ES Music Assembly is coming up this Friday, May 16 at 1pm in the Chevron Theater. Come join us for this fun celebration.


Parents are invited to our Grade 4 Science Fair next Tuesday, May 20 at 1.15pm. Come celebrate our science investigations and check out what we’ve learned in our Magnetism and Electricity unit.


We hope to see you there!

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Preparing for your Science Fair Presentation

We’ve been busy over the last few weeks preparing for our independent investigations in our Science Water unit. We’ve used the scientific method to research our own questions, testing our ideas, recording our results and making conclusions. Now is the time to present our findings and what better way than a science fair! The students in 4 Terry visited Mrs. Macky’s class yesterday to see what they had discovered and to get some tips from their Grade 4 classmates on how to design a science fair presentation.

Take a look at some of the science fair projects in 4 Macky. A big thanks to all the students of 4 Macky for sharing their projects with us! They were fantastic and we learned a lot!

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Here’s a few guidelines to help you with your project. Make sure you use the rubric to help you showcase your learning in the best way you can. Feel free to use the templates and models below.

Scientific Method outline

Science Fair Display Template


Helper for Writing a Science Fair Display

Water Science Fair Rubric

Good luck!

We’re looking forward to sharing our projects with Mr. Crimi’s class on Monday February 10.

Leave a comment to tell us how you found the project.

Did you have fun testing your own ideas?

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Exploring More About Water

Over the winter break, I’d like you to keep your eyes open and explore more about water. I’d like you to take at least 5 photos of places you see water, or how you see water being used. We’ll then create a visual display back in class when we return from break.

If you’re ready to explore more about water, then check out the special investigation below. There are a number of links and videos that might help you too:

Fun Facts about Water

Water Experiments

Properties of Water









Have fun exploring!

Water Is All Around Us Investigation

Water Special Investigation

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What happens to the surface tension of water if you add soap?

Look at what happens when you add drops of plain water and then drops of soapy water to a penny? Can you see any difference?


Take a look at what happens when you add the tiniest amount of soap to a basin of water.


What’s your conclusion? Does soap affect the surface tension of water?

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Have you ever wondered what happens to water in space?

Does it look or act differently?

Watch this video and find out!


What do you think makes water act like this?

Leave a comment to explain what you think is happening in the video and why water looks and acts like this in space.

What wonderings do you have about water?

What do you want to find out?

Add your ‘water wondering’ question to your comment to tell us what you’re curious about!

Thanks to Mr. Jessee for sharing this video!

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What happens when you add drops of water onto a penny?


Did you notice the domelike shape? The water droplets stick together and form a skin on top because of surface tension.

What else can surface tension do? Take a look at how surface tension can really hold water in like a skin or plastic bag.


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We’re excited about our upcoming overnight field trip to Ayutthaya.

Grade 4 students and teachers can’t wait to get out on the barge and to explore the temples of Ayutthaya.

Here’s a slideshow to give you the important information about the field trip:

Take a look at some of the highlights from last year:

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It’s going to be a brilliant trip!

What are you looking forward to?
What do you think will be the best thing about the trip?

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Dear Grade Four Parents,

We would like to invite you to a parent information meeting on Tuesday (Sept. 24th) in the MPB 2 and 3, starting at 6:30 PM, which will introduce the Grade 4 Overnight Trip to our Grade 4 families. The excitement is building as the dates draw near for our overnight trips to Ayutthaya. We see this as a very valuable learning experience for your children, and look forward to participating in a  variety of highly engaging activities. It will be great working closely with The Traidhos Three Generation Barge Program to make this trip truly memorable for the kids.

Over the course of 2 days, learners will:

* investigate the importance of water, linking to our first FOSS Science Unit “Water”

* consider human impact on the river and our responsibility to the natural world

* understand Ayutthaya’s role as an ancient capital and its connection to the Chao Phraya River

* explore history in creative ways

* have fun working, learning and growing together as a Grade 4 community


Field Trip Dates (mark your calendars!):

Oct. 17 + 18: Jamie Hamlin and David Crimi

Oct. 30 + 31: Cheryl Terry and Alan Ward

Nov. 5 + 6: Mike Jessee and Caryn Macky


Important information:

1) As one of our goals is to foster independence within the children, we will not be taking parent chaperones on this trip. We will address this topic further during our parent information session on Sept. 24th.

2) Electronics (mobile phones, iPods, portable game devices) are not needed during this trip, so please make sure they stay home. Again, we can provide information about this at the parent meeting on the 24th.  Students are permitted to bring digital cameras, but please emphasize that they are responsible for them at all times.

3) Money is not needed, but can be brought to purchase souvenirs. The Barge group have a very small shop and kids can buy t-shirts, pencil cases etc. Please make sure it is no more than 300 baht.

4) We will expect children to be at school at 7:15 on the morning their class leaves for the trip. The bus will leave as soon after 7:30 as we can.

More information, along with permission and packing forms, will be coming home in the next couple of weeks, so watch for these please.


The Grade 4 Teaching Team

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Dear Parents,

We hope you can join us tomorrow to celebrate our growth as scientists and our learning throughout the Water Science unit.

Date: Thursday May 9

Time: 1.10pm- 2pm

Place: Room 222

We hope to see you there!

Ms. Terry & 4 Terry students

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