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A big thanks to those of you who could join us for the Grade 4 Science Fair.

Students in 4th grade have come a long way in testing scientific ideas this year and using the scientific process to create experiments. They are now becoming familiar with making clear questions to test, making a hypothesis and writing a clear, easy-to-follow procedure. Creating a fair test (changing one variable at a time) and recording observations and results is also an important part of the process. Finally, students make a conclusion, stating a claim supported with evidence from their investigations.

Take a look at some of our projects:

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

What was your favorite part of the Science Fair and independent investigation?

Leave a comment to let us know what you enjoyed.

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Grade 4 Science Fair & Music Assembly

We have 2 big events coming up in Grade 4. Come and join us for the Grade 4 Science Fair and ES Music Assembly!

The ES Music Assembly is coming up this Friday, May 16 at 1pm in the Chevron Theater. Come join us for this fun celebration.


Parents are invited to our Grade 4 Science Fair next Tuesday, May 20 at 1.15pm. Come celebrate our science investigations and check out what we’ve learned in our Magnetism and Electricity unit.


We hope to see you there!

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As we gear up for our Songkran Break, we would like to add a little fun and excitement to Grade 4.

All the students in Grade 4 will take part in a ‘Songkran Splash’ collaborative games.

Be prepared for a lot of fun and to get very wet !

On Thursday 10th April we will ask the students to:

  • come into school in their school uniform or PE uniform.
  • after recess, change into their swim suit and/or PE uniforms, with hat and water bottle.
  • participate with different students from 4th grade classes in water-based games on the field. Water bottles and hats are needed along with a T-shirt to cover bodies so that they do not get burnt. Please use sunscreen to help protect against the sun as well.
  • change back into their school uniform ready for the afternoon session. A change of clothes is important, as your child will get very wet.

No parental help is needed, but please help your child to pack their swim suit/ PE uniform/ hat/ water bottle/ sunscreen for the day. Remember, they should have a change of clothes (school uniform and swimsuit/ PE clothes or other clothing appropriate for the water activities)

This is a student-only event that we hope will help students work collaboratively in a fun-filled way, to achieve a task.

It will be wet ! It will be fun! It will be a fun-filled Grade 4 event to remember!

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Join us on Thursday January 30 at 8am

Some Rights Reserved by Billy Wilson

Grade 4 parents are invited to join us for our Music and Poetry Celebration of Learning on Thursday January 30th.

The day starts with a musical celebration which starts promptly at 8:00 am in the Chevron Theater. In this performance students will perform a repertoire that they have learned in music this year.

The music performance will be followed by a chance for your child to share some of their poetry from their current writing unit. It will also include a basic introduction to performance poetry.

Remember to check our the ES Music blog in our ISB Links.

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Celebrating Our Amazing Growth!

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What an amazing year we’ve had in 4 Terry! With only a little over a week to go in 4th grade, I’d like you to think back over the year and reflect on the highlights, challenges and growth that has happened this year.

Take a look at the 4 Terry survey shared with you in your Google docs, and let me know how you feel about your year in 4th Grade.

I’ve loved teaching you all this year. It’s been incredible to see your growth and watch you blossom as learners. We’ve worked hard, but we’ve had a lot of fun along the way. I’ve really enjoyed our projects, like ‘City of Ember’, ‘Who Am I?’, ‘Influences in my Life’, ‘Water Inquiry’ and ‘My Journey as a Scientist’.  Our assemblies, Grade 4 celebrations and grade level and parent shares have been fantastic. You’ve constantly amazed me and stepped up to the challenge.

You all have a lot to be proud of!


ISB would also like to hear your feedback. They would like you, along with all Grade 3- 12 students, to take this survey. They want to hear what you really think, so be as honest as you can.

Final Goal Setting

Now take a look at your goal and reflect on how you’ve been working towards your goal over the last 3 weeks. Be honest and try to use as much evidence as you can to show what you’ve been doing to help your learning. Make a plan for the next week, in the ‘Over the next 3 weeks’ section. What can you do to work towards achieving your goal during the final week of school?

Your homework tonight will be to make a blog post about your final goal and how you’ve worked towards achieving your goal. I’d also like you to reflect on your year in 4th grade. Tell us your highlights, challenges and what you feel proud of achieving or improving in.

You’ve worked towards becoming a self-directed learner this year, so take charge of your learning and be the best you can be!

I wish you all the best in 5th Grade!

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Dear Parents,

We hope you can join us tomorrow to celebrate our growth as scientists and our learning throughout the Water Science unit.

Date: Thursday May 9

Time: 1.10pm- 2pm

Place: Room 222

We hope to see you there!

Ms. Terry & 4 Terry students

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Dear Parents,

We would like to invite you to join us to celebrate our growth as scientists and our learning throughout the Water Science unit.


Date: Thursday May 9

Time: 1.10pm- 2pm

Place: Room 222


We’d love to share our ‘Journey as a Scientist’ digital stories and our independent Science investigations with you. We’ll be sharing these with our Grade 4 classmates next Tuesday, but as we’d like more time to share our learning with you, we are arranging a special presentation for parents and special guests next Thursday. We’re sure you’ll enjoy seeing our growth as scientists and our skills in communicating our learning through technology.


We hope to see you there!

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Wow! What an amazing celebration we had today in 4 Terry. Not only were we able to share our great learning, but we had the chance to participate in a beautiful Thai water ceremony to learn the significance of Songkran and pay our respects to our parents and teachers. A big thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Limwatanakul and Zai for a wonderful presentation!

In our learning celebrations, we shared our Water is Precious presentations which showed the main messages we learned in our water inquiry over the last few weeks. We also shared our Influence mash-ups which demonstrated who we are and the influences in our lives.

Here are some of the photos from our celebration:

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Want to know more about Songkran? Here’s a slideshow which fills you in on what the Thai New Year is all about:

Songkran Celebration


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4 Terry Celebration & Songkran Water Ceremony

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Dear Parents,

We would love to invite you to participate in a special Thai cultural ceremony on Thursday, April 11. It would be wonderful if one parent from each family can join us so that your child can pay their respect in this special ceremony.

A big thanks to Zai’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Limwatanakul for bringing this special Thai cultural event to our class.

The students in 4 Terry would like to invite you to our class Songkran celebration.

  • Thursday April 11

  • 9.15- 10.25am

  • Room 222

  • Please bring cultural snacks to share

Some rights reserved by wanderinghome

During our celebration, we will share some of our latest technology creations with you. Afterwards, we’d like to invite parents to participate in a special Thai water ceremony. This will help us all better understand the significance of Songkran to the Thai people.

As a part of the celebration, we would love to share New Year treats from around the world. If your culture celebrates New Year with special treats, please bring them in on Thursday morning to share with the class.

Do you know the significance of Songkran?

Have you ever taken part in a traditional Thai water ceremony?

Leave a comment to share your experiences or what you know about Songkran.

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What Factors Have Influenced Your Life & Who You Are?

In our recent Influence unit in Social Studies, the students in 4 Terry tried their hand at creating mash-ups to describe the influences in their life. What was impressive, is that our Grade 4 students were able to create clear, often high-quality videos, which weave together a variety of media and described how they became who they are today. The majority of students met the standards, and some even raised the bar. In fact, a number of students exceeded the grade level expectations.

The successes: Using a variety of media (photos, text, video and music), understanding copyright laws and making attributions.

What we need to work on: Ensuring that music plays on the video (technical issues), giving full attributions, creating effective transitions and elaborating ideas.

What the students in our class proved is that Grade 4 students are able to mash-up their ideas and can produce videos fairly quickly and simply. The videos below give you an example of how students included specific details to describe the influences in their lives and the skill they demonstrated in weaving together their ideas or media.

This video showed considerable skill in introducing the theme and weaving ideas together:

This video uses good transitions and the main ideas are clear:


This is an example of an effective mash-up of media:


This video has a clear theme, uses a variety of media and makes clear attributions:


More information on our mash-up project can be found in the Let’s Mash It Up blog post.

Thank you to all the students in 4 Terry who gave permission to publish their videos on this blog.

So, what do you think?

Did we effectively mash-up our ideas?

Leave us your comments on how we did in our Influence mash-ups.

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