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Grade 4 Science Fair & Music Assembly

We have 2 big events coming up in Grade 4. Come and join us for the Grade 4 Science Fair and ES Music Assembly!

The ES Music Assembly is coming up this Friday, May 16 at 1pm in the Chevron Theater. Come join us for this fun celebration.


Parents are invited to our Grade 4 Science Fair next Tuesday, May 20 at 1.15pm. Come celebrate our science investigations and check out what we’ve learned in our Magnetism and Electricity unit.


We hope to see you there!

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Preparing for your Science Fair Presentation

We’ve been busy over the last few weeks preparing for our independent investigations in our Science Water unit. We’ve used the scientific method to research our own questions, testing our ideas, recording our results and making conclusions. Now is the time to present our findings and what better way than a science fair! The students in 4 Terry visited Mrs. Macky’s class yesterday to see what they had discovered and to get some tips from their Grade 4 classmates on how to design a science fair presentation.

Take a look at some of the science fair projects in 4 Macky. A big thanks to all the students of 4 Macky for sharing their projects with us! They were fantastic and we learned a lot!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.
Here’s a few guidelines to help you with your project. Make sure you use the rubric to help you showcase your learning in the best way you can. Feel free to use the templates and models below.

Scientific Method outline

Science Fair Display Template


Helper for Writing a Science Fair Display

Water Science Fair Rubric

Good luck!

We’re looking forward to sharing our projects with Mr. Crimi’s class on Monday February 10.

Leave a comment to tell us how you found the project.

Did you have fun testing your own ideas?

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Join us on Thursday January 30 at 8am

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Grade 4 parents are invited to join us for our Music and Poetry Celebration of Learning on Thursday January 30th.

The day starts with a musical celebration which starts promptly at 8:00 am in the Chevron Theater. In this performance students will perform a repertoire that they have learned in music this year.

The music performance will be followed by a chance for your child to share some of their poetry from their current writing unit. It will also include a basic introduction to performance poetry.

Remember to check our the ES Music blog in our ISB Links.

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International Week Activities- Wanna Get Involved? October 7-12

International Week is coming up soon and we’d love to share more from our international community. I know that many of you are busy organizing activities for International Day, but others are keen to share their culture/ country with our class. If you would like to share a presentation or demonstration, sing a song, cook, read a book (cultural) or share another activity related to your culture, please let me know. Activities need only be 15-20 minutes, but it would be great for them to be hands-on and connected to your culture/ country.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Pick Your Time Scheduling: Last Friday the login details for each family were sent home for the Pick Your Time scheduling that will be used for the Elementary School. Please ensure that you have logged on and picked a time- especially if you have multiple children at ISB.

Please Bring Your Child to the Conference: I will be conducting ‘3-way conferencing‘ for these upcoming conferences. This is where the student, parents and teacher sit down together to discuss your child’s successes, challenges and next steps. Involving your child in discussions about their learning is important and empowering. Students are the most important stakeholders in their own learning and a 3-way conference will help your child to become a self-directed learner. During the conference your child will be able to share their progress and set goals for their learning. If you would like some time to talk privately, please email me and we will set aside ten minutes to talk at the end of the conference. There will be supervision provided in the playground and the ES Hub for students if needed.

A Final Note

Passion Day: Have you talked to your child about what activities they might want to do during Passion Day on November 8th? Here is the link to the online survey again. Please make sure that your child has completed the online survey so we can try to match them to the most appropriate activity type.

Online Passion Day Survey

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What are you passionate about?

ISB is serious about creating passionate, reflective learners! We know that we we try really hard to help you to become reflective learners, but there are many things that you would love to learn more about or try that we don’t teach in a normal school day.
So now’s your chance! Passion Day is coming up on November 8. What are you excited to learn more about or try?
Watch this video to find out more: Passion HS.m4v
Sign up for your passions using the ES Passion Day survey form.

So what are you excited about?

What are your passions?

Leave a comment to tell us what you’d like to learn more about.



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