Dear 4 Terry,

I hope you’re all safe and well. It’s a pity that school was cancelled unexpectedly today, and I’m truly sorry that we can’t all say goodbye to Nicolas today. Nicolas will be back next year for Grade 5, so you’ll all get a chance to catch up with him then.

Here’s some work to keep you on track today:

* Math- We are continuing to work on multiplication.

Cluster Problems- Math activity book pg 9

Activity sheet to practice multiplication strategies: Solving a Multiplication Problem in Two Ways

There is also another assignment to complete by Monday on Ten Marks.

* Reading- Please make sure you keep your reading log up to date. Today, read for at least 30 minutes. Choose a just right book to read for 30 minutes and record it in your reading log. You can also choose to read Our Little Earth or Dogo News which are online current events websites. You can also use online books from the ES Hub website. Remember to read as much as you can over the weekend too!

* Writing- Please begin drafting your opinion editorial in Google docs. Use your school email and password to log in from home. Use the same topic and ideas you have been planning and elaborating over the last few days in class. I know that you won’t have your planning sheet, but try to write an introduction, 3 reasons with supporting evidence, and a conclusion. We will continue to work on it when you’re back at school. You should have the basic draft with 5 paragraphs completed by Monday.

* Social Studies- Read this article on Malala Yousafzai and watch the interview with Jon Stewart.


Now write a blog post or a journal entry to discuss what you think is not fair in the world.

What are the things that you feel most strongly about?

We’re looking forward to seeing you all back at school next week. 

4 Responses to “Stay Safe!”

  1.   Lynette Says:

    I think people should be equal. It’s not fair that some people go to school when others don’t.
    We can help people in need by giving them what they need to use to survive and money and teaching them/finding a job for them.
    I feel strongly about some people getting a lot of food when others don’t. Some people just help others no matter what, if they are rich or not

  2.   Trish Says:

    Everyone should be treated the same.
    Posted on May 25, 2014 by 16672
    I think it is unfair for people to be treated differently because of their race, gender or how wealthy or poor they are. In my opinion everybody should be treated with the same respect.Everybody should have rights, rights to be safe, to have education, rights to be cared for and rights too live a happy and healthy life. We should cooperate and live together as a team and also treat others the way we want to be treated. We should also respect other people’s thoughts and be nice and friendly to everyone.If we treat everyone with respect the world will be a better place.

  3.   sivale Says:

    I wonder why people like this treat others badly. And how they become so cruel . And what gives them the right to threaten others . Especially on the internet. if i was her i would do the same .

  4.   Suhani Says:

    I think that it is very good that you posted this video so who comes to your blog can learn about childrens rights and follow Malala

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