Lina and Doon have discovered that the city of Ember is starting to fall apart and they need to find a solution fast! The lights are flickering, there are rumors that light bulbs will soon disappear altogether and the black outs are getting longer and longer.

Doon wants to help his city but doesn’t understand how the huge generator in the Pipeworks works. Whenever there is a blackout no-one in the city can move as there are no portable lights. Lina wants to explore the Unknown Regions, but how can she without a light?

How can Doon and Lina help rescue their city from this crisis?

Your Task:

  • Help Lina and Doon to survive in the city of Ember. Find a way to solve the electrical problems in their city.
  • Find a way to help the people of the city of Ember solve their electricity crisis.

Some ideas include:

  • Make a model of a generator and explain how it produces electricity.
  • Make a model to show how the water from the river can produce electricity.
  • Make a model showing how electricity is transferred from the generator to the city.
  • Make a model house with electrical circuits to power model electrical appliances such as lights.
  • Create a portable light to help Lina and Doon explore the Pipeworks and Unknown Regions.
  • Other ideas can be checked with Ms. Terry.

Take a look at some of the photos from our Saving the City of Ember presentations last year and project sharing:

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Your model should include:

  • Clear labels of the main parts
  • A title
  • An explanation of how it works

Due Date:     Thursday June 5

Standards and Criteria for Success

Your display should:

  • Explain the important points of how your model works
  • Include clear captions
  • Show creativity
  • Help the people of City of Ember to survive

Download the task sheet and checkpoints below:

Saving the City of Ember Project

What are you planning to create to save the City of Ember?

Leave a comment to tell us your plans.

This is how your project and presentation will be assessed:


Explanation of model




Very clear and well set out explanation and visuals.

Very precise and accurate explanation of how your model works.

Very clear and detailed captions that accurately point out all parts of the model.

Very creative.

Use of original ideas or resources.


Clear and well set out explanation and visuals.

Clear and accurate explanation of how your model works.

Clear captions that accurately point out the main parts of the model.

Creative use of standard ideas or resources.


Fairly clear explanation and visuals. Information could be more neatly presented.

Basic explanation of how your model works.  Explanation could be more precise and accurate.

Captions point out some of the parts of the model. Could be more detailed or clear.

Use of standard ideas or resources.


Unclear explanation and visuals.

Imprecise, inaccurate or missing explanation of how your model works.

Captions are unclear or no captions included.

Use of simple ideas or resources.





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  1.   alex Says:

    Gabe and I are going to work together on this project. Gabe is going to make a potato battery while I am going to show how electricity gets to your house. We are going to combine our projects to make a circuit.

  2.   Momoka Says:

    I am looking forward to see what you guys have done with this project.
    Please take care! Looking for answers!

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