Our year is quickly coming to a close, but there’s still a lot of learning going on in 4 Terry. Here’s a brief overview of what we will be going on in 4 Terry over the last few weeks of school.

Reading: We have just wrapped up our Non-Fiction reading unit and we will be meeting again in book clubs to discuss Social Issues. The main goal of this unit is for students to gain a deeper understanding and sympathy for people in our world who deal with a variety of social problems. Students will be introduced to various social issues primarily through reading and discussing fiction stories.

Writing: We have just finished up our unit on List Articles and will use our understanding of supporting ideas with examples as we write Opinion Editorials (Op-Eds). This unit links with our reading unit as students often choose to write persuasively about how to right the wrongs faced by people in our world.

Math: We have just finished our study of Fractions and Decimals. This week, we will begin our study of basic algebra. We will then focus on more complex multiplication and division strategies in our final math unit for the year.

Science: This week we will be finishing our study of Magnetism and Electricity. Students are currently testing ideas and exploring a topic of interest in their Independent Science Projects. We will be presenting our findings in a Science Fair next week. See below for more details.

Social Studies: We will end our year with a unit entitled, “Is It Fair?” during which we will explore issues of equality, freedom, prejudice, and justice. This unit also supports the learning we will be doing in reading and writing.


Science Fair- Tuesday 20th May at 1:15-1:45

Parents are invited  to join us for a Grade 4 Science Fair  on  May 20th from 1:15-1:45pm.

4th grade students will be displaying their knowledge of Magnetism and Electricity in the afternoon of May 20th. You’ll have a chance to see your child’s independent project as well as explore what other students in our class and throughout 4th grade have been investigating.

The main ideas behind the independent science project and science fair are to:

  • conduct an investigation based on a question or hypothesis
  • design a clear experiment to conduct a fair test
  • determine variables and change one variable at a time
  • clearly record results
  • effectively present results and the process of the experiment

You child will be given a poster board this week and will be responsible for preparing their display, along with their science partner/s, in time for the Science Fair on May 20. They should display all the steps of the scientific process, and should use their science investigation booklet to guide their presentation. A template is available for those students who would like one to guide their presentation.

We hope you can join us at our Science Fair on Tuesday May 20 at 1.15pm!

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