Having Fun with Fractions

We’re having fun exploring fractions right now in math. Many students have shown a great understanding of fractions, what the numerator and denominator actually mean, and how to compare fractions. It’s been great to see how many students are now using words, numbers and pictures regularly to explain their thinking. Please take a look at your child’s home folder for their latest fraction assessment. Here’s an overview of our unit. All the hyperlinks connect to games, so check them out!

The main objectives of our fractions and decimals unit are to:

*Identify fractions of an area

*Identify fractions of a group

*Compare fractions (Dirt Bike Tug Team)

*Order fractions on a number line

*Add and subtract fractions -with like or easier related denominators (Speedway Game)

*Find equivalent fractions (Fractone Game)

*Compare decimals (Decimal Number Line)

*Add and subtract decimals

*Convert common fractions to decimals (Puppy Chase)

Fraction Cards & Decimal Squares Big Ideas

To help review fractions at home please take a look at the Student Handbook on Pearson Success Net, the Math Investigations website.

There are also a lot of great links found under the Math Links on the right hand side of the class blog.

Try out these fun fraction games on BBC Math.

Ready for a challenge? Then try out these fun activities to get your brain working!

Fraction Splat (mixed fractions)

Snow Sprint (multiplying fractions)

Ratio Stadium (ratios)

Dirt Bike Proportions (proportions)

Have fun!


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