Not only is it great to be inspired by others, but it is truly special when we’re inspired by fellow students. I am currently studying in university courses which are teaching me more about using digital tools (technology) in the classroom. I even have my own new personal blog: Terry’s Tales of Learning! Yes, I’m learning to be a blogger too! Over the last few weeks, Ms. Hellyer, our Technology Coach,  has made me realize that writing blog posts and making comments is a skill that doesn’t come naturally. We have to think carefully about the posts we make and it’s important that we consider the posts writing, rather than just a quick note or simply ‘spewing’ out our thoughts. How can we expect to attract readers if our blog posts don’t make sense? Would you want to read a post that is full of spelling and grammar errors? What about a ton of writing with no images?

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So, I’ve come to realize that I have to actively teach blogging in the classroom if we want our blogs to be a quality tool to showcase and track our learning. Over the last two weeks, we have been talking about quality blog posts and making great comments. Ms. Hellyer has really helped us think about what makes a great post or comment by showing us examples of real student blog posts and comments. You were harsh critics and came up with a great list of criteria for making great comments and creating quality posts. So now is the time to put it all into practice. Over the next few weeks we’ll be refining our blogging skills, creating our own blogging rubrics and looking at other students’ blogs. it’s amazing how others can inspire us and teach us how we can improve our own blogs.

I was inspired today while I was reading one of the blogs I follow. Silvia Tolisano is an expert blogger and I’ve learned a lot from her Langwitches blog. Her latest post: Quality Commenting- Student Guest Post by Zoe M shows some great tips from a fellow fourth grader at Martin J. Gottlieb Day School. Zoe’s post on How to Make A Quality Comment shows just what fourth graders are capable of.

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So, what does Zoe have to say about making quality comments? Here’s her tips from her blog post: How to Make A Quality Comment.

When you comment on my blog, I want your comments to be memorable. I want them to represent you, so even if I don’t know you, I will feel as if I do. When you comment on a blog you want it to be unique. To make it a quality comment it has to have fancy words such as, instead of writing, “That is a pretty butterfly.” Which is what 1st graders could do, write, ” What a lovely butterfly! I love how its wings are all sparkly. I would enjoy it if you could teach me how. Did you know that a butterfly’s wing is its most fragile part?” That already is a better comment. To make a comment better, add on to the post, writing a new bit of information, makes it a quality comment. Also, links help. If you find a website that has something to do with the topic someone is blogging about, put the link. Here is how you put a link on your blog:

<a href=”link”>words you want to be the link</a>

That is how you make a quality comment.

So, why don’t you take Zoe’s advice and try making a memorable comment.

And perhaps Zoe could be your blogging mentor. Why don’t you drop her a memorable comment!

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