Director Talk

Teaching Philosophy

Having been involved in tennis for more than 2 decades, playing competitively and coaching professional players worldwide, I truly appreciate what a great game of Tennis has given me. The opportunity to travel around the world competing against best players, to get good education on full scholarship in the US, to know my limitation and potential and to have a good health are just some examples. I know deep down inside my heart that my mission is to pass on what I know about tennis and to build great champions competing in the tennis world as well as educating young kids to learn how to behave on and off the court with the
right attitudes.

Each kid has his/her own natural talents that are unique and hard to duplicate from one to
another. In order to build a great champion, we must look beyond the outer physical
presence and search for what’s shining inside: what they do best. I also believe that every diamond is waiting to be found. Our job is to find it and polish the dark diamond into the bright shinning one.

Tennis is a lifetime sport which offers not only the fun of the game and fitness aspect, but also development of personal character: learning from the loss, feeling good about yourself when winning, making decision under pressure are some examples.

Tennis development training will be broken down into 4 main elements: Technical, Tactical, Mental and Physical. Throughout the course of each training session, the different
development groups (Pee-Wee Panthers, Cubs, Panthers and Panther Elite) will spend
varying amounts of time and energy on those 4 elements. Hopefully, it will result in the
development of a player that has a full understanding of the game of tennis, and the
ability to excel at the higher competitive level.


Atip Chotiyarnwong
Panther Tennis Academy
Tennis Director