Join The Club

Fall Tryouts:

Panther Swim Club tryouts for Elementary students will be held on Saturday August 20 at ISB pool. Details will be posted on website in early August.  Any ISB student who will be at least 7 years old as of June 1, 2012 is eligible to try out for our team.  All swimmers should be sure to have goggles.

Tryout procedure:

The coaching staff will evaluate all swimmers individually for technique.  Swimmers will be asked to swim all 4 competitive strokes; freestyle (front crawl), backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.  The coaching staff will be looking at how well the swimmers perform each stroke.  Swimmers will not be evaluated based on speed.

Please be aware that we generally have a LIMITED number of spaces available for new swimmers on the team.  We make every attempt to place swimmers with those of relatively equal ability as well as within age appropriate groupings.

Please download and fill out the form on this website entitled Panther Swim Club Tryouts Information Form 2011 and bring it with you to tryouts.

Possible outcomes:

All swimmers who try out will be notified of their status by the end of the day Saturday via email so PLEASE ensure your email address is accurate AND LEGIBLE on the tryout registration form today.

Swimmers who qualify to join the swim club will be provided team registration information at that time.

Swimmers who do not qualify for the team this semester will be referred to our partners, LetsAsia.  LetsAsia currently provides excellent small group lessons at the Nichada pool daily.  Many current swim team members have graduated from LetsAsia to join our Panther Swim Club.  For more information on LetsAsia check out their website here:

Some swimmers may be placed on a ‘waitlist’ as well as being referred to LetsAsia.  Swimmers on this waitlist may be offered the opportunity to join the Club in case of unexpected openings.


COMPETITIVE  SENIOR SQUADS – 6th through 12th grades

Elite Squad.  We take our Senior Swimming program seriously and realize that swimmers who achieve a high standard of swimming during their teen years often win scholarships for swimming at prestigious Universities and Colleges.  Senior swimmers should commit to one sport per season for a healthy balance of schooling and swimming.

The Panther Elite squad is composed of High School and Middle School swimmers focused on competiton in both the Panther season as well as the IASAS season.   This squad trains up to 11 sessions a week which combines 5 afternoon sessions with 6 morning sessons.  We strongly encourage all IASAS swimmers to swim with us until the IASAS season begins. This is a competitive squad for focused and goal oriented athletes.  Most swimmers on this squad will choose 5 or more sessions per week, we recommend 4 as a minimum chosen from the 11 available workout times.

Gold Squad is composed of Middle School and High School swimmers.  The squad members have the option of swimming up to 5 afternoon sessions each week as well as the Saturday morning session.  Most swimmers on this squad will commit to at least 4 sessions per week with 3 being the minimum.  This is also a competitive squad for focused and goal oriented athletes.

Silver Squad is composed primarily of Middle School swimmers.  The squad members have the option of swimming up to 5 afternoon sessions and the Saturday morning session each week.  Three practices per week is the minimum for this squad.  The Silver Squad will help 6th grade swimmers transition from Elementary to Middle School as well as 7th and 8th graders tune up their technique and conditioning.

Club Squad is made up of High School and Middle School swimmers new to competitive swimming or those interested in fitness swimming.  There are 4 sessions available for these swimmers with two as a minimum.

COMPETITIVE – JUNIOR SQUADS – Elementary School (2nd through 5th Grade)

Our junior swimming program has a skills development focus.  It is most important to ensure that the fundamentals are sound at this age.  We encourage our swimmers to pursue their interests in a wide variety of sports and activities, so that our budding swimming champions are not tired of swimming before their teenage years.  We do however suggest no more than two sports/activities at a time.

Barracuda Squad – This is our top level Junior squad.  It is composed primarily of 4th and 5th graders. The Squad trains on average 3 or 4 sessions of 5 available sessions a week.  As a general rule, 3 times per week is the minimum for this group.

Marlin Squad – Have a good range of skills in all 4 strokes; they also typically train 3 to 4 times a week.  2 times is the minimum with 3 strongly encouraged.

Swordfish Squad trains up to 4 times a week; This is our top level 8-9 year old group.  While the main focus is on fundamentals, this group begins the transition to a higher level of aerobic fitness.  2 sessions is the minimum for this group with 3 suggested.

Piranha and Shark  Squads train up to 3 times a week; they concentrate on developing skills in all 4 strokes as well as turns and starts.  2 is the minimum for these groups.

MASTERS SWIMMING –  Adults 18 – ????

The goal of Masters Swimming all over the world is to provide a safe and fun environment in which adults can increase and maintain their level of fitness in a low impact sport. Many of us have tried working out on our own, but for most people, it is much more fun and rewarding to be part of a group all advancing together in a fully supportive frame of mind.

Those of you who have NOT previously participated in a Masters program, will want to know that you do NOT have to be an ex-high school or college champion to join. Almost everyone who starts is rusty, not in good swimming condition and in need of technique work. So don’t be afraid to try. On the other hand if you are a beginner but interested anyway, PLEASE contact Coach Andy directly about private swim lessons to get up to speed before joining the Masters squad. If you’re not sure about swimming with Masters, contact Coach Andy or just show up on deck to chat before or after practice. Our goal is to INCLUDE not exclude.  3 practices per week are available for Masters swimmers in the morning and 3 in the evening.