I am often told by other teams that the ISB Panther Swim Club runs the best meets in Asia.  We run GREAT meets!  It’s true!  Why? Because we have a much higher level of parental involvement and commitment than most other teams.  This year we had a record number of entries for our Thailand only meet, Swimfest, in November and a similar record number for our international meet, Splash, in the spring.  Each meet had over 500 swimmers entered.  That ISB can attract that many swimmers is a testimony to our volunteers, board and coaching staff.

Listed below are some job descriptions for volunteers at our meets.  We have many other volunteer opportunities available.  Just ask at registration!  If you think something more could be done to add value to our team, sign up to make it happen!  We NEED and WANT YOU!


Clerk of Course (COC)  (Marshaling Gym)

  • Keeps the marshaling process moving by calling the events over the PA system in the marshaling area.
  • Checks the heats for swimmer scratches.
  • Makes the decision to combine heats.
  • Notifies computer room and the marshals of combined heats and scratched swimmers.

Runner for Clerk of Course (Marshaling Gym)

  • Takes scratch cards and combined heat notices to the computer room.

Marshals (Marshaling Gym)

  • Keeps the swimmers moving in an orderly fashion toward the starting blocks.
  • Reports scratches and combined heats to each consecutive marshal.

Whiteboard Monitor (Marshaling Gym, Rajandra Hall, Breezeway, Pool Side)

  • Updates all locations with events currently being marshaled.

Announcer (Pool Side)

  • Complete the pre-meet announcements according to the pre-meet announcement schedule.
  • Call events 1-2 to the marshaling area after opening ceremony.
  • Announce each event, the event #, the heat # and wait for the referee to blow the whistle.
  • During each event, read each swimmer’s name, school and lane position.
  • Refer to the meet program for the sequence of events and check them off as you go.
  • Continuously check the pool-side whiteboard for marshaling updates and announce events currently being marshaled.
  • Announce changes to the printed schedule.
  • Announce when a new record has been set if an when they occur.
  • Call coaches to the announcers table as swimmers are DQ’d.
  • Make general announcements periodically during the meet.

Rope Drop (Pool Side)

  • In the event of a false start, a double buzz will sound.  Upon hearing the double buzz, release the rope so that it falls into the water as an indicator to the swimmers who have not heard the break start beep.
  • Tie rope back into position above pool after each false start race has been successfully stopped.

Runners (Pool Side)

  • Gather the completed entry cards from the timers at the end of each heat and run the cards up to the computer room.

First in Heat Presenter (Pool Side)

  • Upon completion of each heat, give the winner of that heat a ribbon for his achievement.

Medals and Ribbons (Health Room)

  • Label 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals and 4th, 5th and 6th place ribbons for each event.
  • When properly labeled, place the awards in the appropriate team box for distribution later.

Computers (Aquatic Director’s Office)

  • Input results from each event to the computer.

Clocks (Aquatic Director’s Office)

  • In charge of the timing system for meet.

Panther Shack (Panther Shack)

  • Sell Panther Swim Team related items.

Soft Drink Sales (Breezeway by Rajandra Hall)

  • Sell soft drinks and water
  • Keep beverages on ice

Results Poster & Water boy (All volunteer locations)

  • Picks up the results from the computer room every hour, on the hour, and posts them in Rajendra Hall.
  • Distributes water to all volunteers and all team coaches throughout the day.

Rajendra Hall Monitors (Rajendra Hall)

  • Oversees the swimmers in the gymnasium who are waiting to be moved on to the first marshaling area.
  • Keeps swimmers from climbing on the bleachers.
  • Tries to ensure that the swimmers don’t injure themselves while waiting for their event.
  • Maintains law and order.