Club Policies


The ISB Panther Swim Club is a competitive swim club.  While we recognize that ISB provides many activities for its students to participate in, we encourage our swimmers to compete as often as possible in our schedule of meets.  We require only 3 meets for the entire year.   These are known at the beginning of the year in order for our families to plan to be here for the meets.  Ample notice can be given for absence at other activities and/or lessons and for tutoring to be rescheduled.  Proper time management should allow even those students with very rigorous academic schedules to be able to participate.

  1. All swimmers on Panther competitive squads are required to participate in the DTAC Swimfest and DTAC Splash meet both of which we host annually.  Exceptions for illness or other extreme circumstances only.
  2. All swimmers who qualify for the BISAC Championships are required to participate.  Exceptions for illness or other extreme circumstances only.
  3. Since the ISB Panther Swim Club is a swim team, all swimmers are encouraged to participate in any and all swim meets and Time Trials as possible.  The Club Squad is an exception to this – those swimmers MAY choose to compete in meets but are not required to.

Withdrawal/Late Registration Policy

•1.      Late registration for other than health related circumstances or late enrollment in ISB results in no fee adjustment.

•2.      Leaving the club after 6 weeks of training for any reason results in no refund.

•3.      Leaving the club for any reason other than serious injury/health or relocation after 1 week of training results in no refund.

•4.      Leaving the club for a short period of time due to illness, travel or other circumstances results in no refund or price adjustment.

•5.      Leaving the club after registration to the end of the 6th week of practice due to serious injury or health problem or relocation is a refund of ½ the fees minus a 1000 baht per swimmer administrative fee.  Head Coach must be notified immediately.

•6.      Any refund given means that a swimmer may not rejoin the team until the next semester.

•7.      The 6th week of practice in the fall semester of 2010 ends September 24.


The ISB Panther Swimming Club requires all swimmers who compete internationally travel with, and be supervised by, a parent or legal guardian at all times.

Exception:  the ISB Panther Swimming Club recognizes that there may be a very rare occasion where a swimmer needs/desires to travel without a parent or legal guardian.  Under these circumstances the swimmer, regardless of age, must have:

  1. An appointed chaperone; (swimmers are not allowed to use a supervising Panther Swim Coach as a chaperone.)
  2. Written approval of the Head Coach and Panther Swimming Club Board members;
  3. A liability waiver, signed by the swimmer, the swimmer’s parents/guardians and the supervising chaperone.

The ISB Panther Swimming Club reserves the right to refuse any swimmer the privilege of traveling internationally with the team.



We always swim when it is raining, no matter how hard it is falling.  The kids are going to get wet anyway.


Lightning is extremely dangerous, and we treat it with the greatest respect.

If lightning and thunder is present before training has started and the weather appears to be improving we will take all swimmers to one of the ISB gyms that are not being used and run activities for the swimmers until a reasonable period of time after the last thunder was heard or lightning sighted.  If a gym is not available we will use the breeze way in between the gyms to run activities.

In case of extremely bad weather, when roads are flooding and with lightning extremely close to the school training will be entirely cancelled, an announcement will be made using the schools PA system. Students who catch buses should go directly to their buses to go home. For swimmer who live close by we encourage them to wait till the lightning and thunder clears before going out into the open.  Parents you are welcome to come and personally collect your kids at anytime, we do not encourage riding bikes or walking in the open, the safest way to travel in a thunder storm is in a closed vehicle, that means motor cycles, convertibles, bikes, golf carts and tuk tuks and walking are all unsafe.

The coaches hear all sorts of fallacies on ways of avoiding lightning from the kids. Please educate your kids on the dangers of lightning by making the following websites available.

A site for kids