Masters Swimming

Masters Swimming is for YOU

Looking for a great way to work out, strengthen your swimming stroke, or even get ready for a triathlon?  Panther’s Masters Swimming may just be what you need!   You’ll feel great, and meet some fun people too!  Masters Swimming is open to anyone in the ISB community age 18 and up.

We have two convenient programs for your busy schedule!

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

  • 8:00am – 9:00am at Nichada Pool
  • Coach Andy Myers, Head Coach of the ISB Panther Swim Club works with the morning group

Monday, Tuesday and  Thursday

  • Monday, Tuesday  and Thursday from 5:05pm – 6:05pm at ISB Pool
  • Coaches Bud and Gaile Rockey, ISB Varsity Swimming, work with the ‘evening’ group using the Total Immersion@ methodology.

You do NOT need to be a great or even a good swimmer to join our team.  You DO need to be able to swim at least 100 meters of freestyle (crawl stroke).  Your technique does NOT have to be perfect.  SO come on out for a no obligation FREE trial.  Let our Coaching Staff evaluate your ability to swim with us.  If you are not quite ready, we can guide you to private lessons to get you up to speed!!

The goal of Masters Swimming is to INCLUDE not exclude!  We Want YOU!!!

Here is the link for registration for the morning Masters:

For more information about the morning program, contact Coach Andy Myers at

For more information about the evening program contact either Gaile ( ) or Bud ( ).