Enjoyment Through Achievement

Learning to play a musical instrument is a marvellous way to get to know and appreciate music. Its value is lifelong.
Playing a great variety of music — from Bach and Mozart to jazz and modern — is even more satisfying. One way to do this is to explore the wide range of pieces, at all levels from beginner to advanced, by signing up for the exams which the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) organises around the world. Most students find they benefit from these music exams, which set near-term goals – tangible, achievable targets that the students need at regular intervals.
The ABRSM is the world leader in offering music exams. The purpose of its exams is “enjoyment through achievement.”  The exams offer:
  • motivation and inspiration, working from a carefully structured syllabus towards a definite goal,
  • a measure of personal progress and attainment against internationally recognised benchmarks,
  • an objective guide to improve musical skills,
  • assessment by a respected and independent musician who has been highly trained and is constantly monitored,
  • sympathetic encouragement,
  • performance opportunities, and
  • a real sense of achievement.

Established over 100 years ago, the ABRSM now operates in over 90 countries worldwide with more than 600,000 candidates taking Associated Board exams each year. Assessments range from a Preparatory Test for beginners to Diplomas for advanced students and professionals. The exams are offered for more than twenty different instruments! In Bangkok, the ABRSM holds exams every June and November/December.

To get more information about the ABRSM exams, I recommend you to take a look at the ABRSM’s most interesting website: www.abrsm.org. If you would like todiscuss exams further, please do consult either with your child’s music teacher or with the IMP Coordinators. We’re more than happy to help.