Program and Registration


ISB Music Program (IMP) was designed to offer as many students as possible a chance to benefit from individual study on a variety of instruments and voice. The program is open to all in the ISB community, including students, parents, siblings, and teachers, with priority given first to ISB students. Student placement is determined by the student’s and the instructor’s schedules. Students may choose 30-, 45-, or 60-minute lessons, in a private or group setting, meeting once or twice a week. All lessons are held on the ISB campus.

We hope that students enrolled in this program will consider the commitment a serious one. In order to receive the maximum benefit possible from the lessons, students should practice regularly and attend lessons on time. The teachers, who are professionals on their respective instruments, are making a time commitment, and full cooperation will help to maintain our excellent teaching staff.

How to Register

The IMP registration is done online on a first-come and first-service basis. Information about online registration will be sent out each semester through the ISB e-newsletter in early August and early January. Returning families can pre-register for the coming semester at the end of each semester and will be notified through a separate email. During August registration, families may choose between registering for the entire school year or for one semester. Registration is complete once full payment is made in cash or by check payable to “International School Association.”



Finding a good value when purchasing an instrument can be difficult, and some parents have questions about which instrument their child should learn. The teachers and specialists are happy to give advice about obtaining an instrument. For additional tips on choosing an instrument see Choosing an Instrument


An important component in developing musical skills is to perform in front of an audience. An informal recital is held at the end of the academic school year to allow students of all playing abilities to showcase their progress.


Refunds of the pre-registration fee or the program fee will not be given, except in the event of long-term illness/injury or unscheduled transfer out of the country. In these cases, refunds will be made on a pro-rata basis.

Missed Classes and Make-up Policy

If the student knows of a conflict with a scheduled lesson, i.e. an ISB sports event, art or cultural event, or school trip, the IMP Coordinator must be notified within 48 hours by email, and a make-up lesson will be scheduled. If the IMP Coordinator is not notified within 48 hours, no makeup lesson will be offered.
In the event of a medical emergency or illness, please notify the IMP Coordinator by email BEFORE the scheduled lesson time if possible. Make-up lessons will be offered at the discretion of the IMP Coordinator.


Students are encouraged to undergo periodic musical examinations run by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). Working towards these exams encourages practice and helps students to set goals. Students who wish to take an ABRSM exam should discuss this with the instrumental teacher to find out which grade is appropriate and whether he or she is ready for such a challenge

For questions regarding the program and registration process please contact the IMP Coordinator, Angela Kohl