Instrumental Music Program

Welcome to the ISB Instrumental Music Program!                                  

Playing music is much more than just a pleasurable pastime or hobby. Years of research show that the study of music can help enhance students’ self-esteem, self-discipline, and creativity. As musicians develop, they reinforce academic, personal, and interpersonal skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and working cooperatively toward shared goals. Developing such skills is key not only to musical success but also to academic success and even to leading a happy and fulfilling life.
In order to promote development of the whole student, ISB’s Instrumental Music Program offers private lessons with highly trained and professional musicians. Program organizers collaborate with ISB music teachers to engage qualified instructors for all ability levels, whether students are taking up a new instrument or are seeking advanced tuition. Parents may also wish to polish their own musical talents with private lessons, when time slots are available.