Race Instructions for Parents and Participants

Welcome to the 12th Annual Colgate Kids Tryathlon.  We are expecting a great event on the day.  I want to first thank the organizing committee of Ute Schwann, Angela Kohl, Raffaella Ciappano, Dirk Smith and Ellen Snilsberg.  I want to also thank our sponsors:  Colgate, Chevron, Bank of Ayudhya, ISB Booster Club, Nike, Tesco Lotus, Coca Cola, Intercontinental Hotel Bangkok, Holiday Inn Bangkok, Coffee World and Spice Roads.

The event will take place on Thursday, May 5th at 8:00AM.  We will have 3 starts at each pool so we are able to limit of the kids in the pool at the same time.  We will do different starts for different age groups but since we have the timing chips this year, all participants will have an accurate time based on their start.  All participants should be at their respective pool by 7:40AM at the latest.  The tryathlon will take place rain or shine.  We will delay the start of the event if there is lightning in the area.

Here is some important information about the Kids Tryathlon that I want to get out to all of the parents and their children.  Please read it carefully, go over it with your children and let me know if you have any questions.

1)  All bikers must have their own bike and must wear a helmet for all of the biking portion of the triathlon.  There will be a helmet check before all participants leave the pool area.

2)  All participants must complete the proper number of swim laps, bike laps and run laps.  Any participant not completing the correct number will be disqualified.  I suggest you go over the triathlon course with your children.  The maps for each of the age groups can be found at:

3)  There will be two walkthroughs of the triathlon courses on Monday May 2nd and Tuesday May 3rd.  On Monday we will do a walkthrough for the 8 year olds and younger at 3:30PM.  The walkthroughs for ages 9 and older will be at 5:00PM.  Since Tuesday, May 3rd is an ISB early release day, the walkthroughs will be one hour earlier – 2:30PM for 8 year olds and under.  and the walkthrough for the 9 year olds and older will be at 4:00PM.  All walkthroughs will begin in front of the Chevron Theatre at ISB.

4)  There is a mandatory meeting for all parents and volunteers at 7:00PM on Monday, May 2nd in the MPB room # 1.  We will tell all volunteers where they will be assigned.  We will also pass out the race kits for all participants at this meeting so it is vital that at least one parent attend this meeting.

5)  All participants will have to wear a timing chip around their ankle.   This timing chip will be in your race kit.

6)  All participants will have to wear a swim cap.  This swim cap will be in your race kit.

7)  For participants 8 and under, they should have their bike in the bike transition area behind the ISB tennis courts by 7:30AM on the day of the race.   These participants should then make their way to the ISB pool.  For participants 9 and over, they should have their bike in their bike transition area in the Villa parking lot by 7:30AM.  These participants should then make their way to the Nichada pool.  All participants should bring their bike helmet with them to their respective pool.

8)  If you have not paid your registration fee, please drop this fee at the box in the ISB Community Activities Office by Friday, April 29th. (next to the ISB Bookstore)

9)  Registration will be closed at midnight on Friday, April 29th so if you are aware of any friends who are planning to register, please remind them to register by this day.  No late registrations will be accepted.