Important Competitor and Parent Information

Welcome to the 16th Annual Colgate Kids Triathlon.  We are expecting a great event on the day.  I want to first thank the organizing committee of Angela Kohl, Catherine Atnip and Jill Edison.  I want to also thank our sponsors:  Colgate, Chevron, Bank of Ayudhya, and Spice Roads.
Please keep in mind this is an event for the kids.  The organizers have worked hard to ensure the kids have a great experience.  There are medals for the age groups winners but we will be downplaying who wins the race.  We really want all of the kids to have a great experience and just enjoying the high they get from completing the race.

The event will take place on Tuesday, May 5th at 7:30AM.  We will have 3 starts at each pool so we are able to limit of the kids in the pool at the same time.  We will do different starts for different age groups but since we have the timing chips this year, all participants will have an accurate time based on their start.  All participants should be at their respective pool by 7:10AM at the latest.  The triathlon will take place rain or shine.  We will delay the start of the event if there is lightning in the area.

Here is some important information about the Kids Triathlon that I want to get out to all of the parents and their children.  Please read it carefully, go over it with your children and let me know if you have any questions.

1)  All bikers must have their own bike and must wear a helmet for all of the biking portion of the triathlon.  There will be a helmet check before all participants leave the pool area.

2)  All participants must complete the proper number of swim laps, bike laps and run laps.  Any participant not completing the correct number will be disqualified.  We suggest you go over the triathlon course with your children.  See the race maps on our website

3)  Walkthroughs of the courses will be held:

  • Thursday, April 30th – full walkthrough including opportunity to swim in the pools and bike around the lake
  • Monday, May 4th – limited walkthrough – no swimming and no biking around the lake
Walkthroughs begin at 3:30pm for the 5-8 year old participants.  Walkthroughs begin at 5:00PM for the 9-18 year old participants.  Meet in front of the Chevron Theatre.

4)  Parents and participants can pick up their race kits on Saturday, May 2nd between 8:30am and 1:00pm in the ES MPR Room at ISB.  This rooms  located next to the ES Cafeteria.  You can also ask any questions you have at that time.  Race kits can also be picked up on Race Day (Tuesday, May 5th) in the ES MPR Room.

5)  All participants (except 5-6 year olds) will have to wear a timing chip around their ankle.   This timing chip will be in your race kit.

6)  All participants will have to wear a swim cap.  This swim cap will be in your race kit.

7) All participants should have their bike in the transition area in the ISB parking lot near the ES playground by 7:10am on Race Day.  Then they should make their way to their respective pool.  5-8 year olds go to the ES pool, all others go to the 50 meter pool.  Bring your bike helmet with you.  Don’t leave it on your bike.

8 )  If you have not paid your registration fee, please drop this fee at the box in the ISB Community Activities Office by Friday, May 1st (next to the ISB Bookstore).  The CAO office is open 7:00 – 11:00am and 12:00 – 3:00pm weekdays.  Please don’t pay me your race fee on the day of the race.  Things are too busy on this day to collect race fees.

9)  The relay teams will use one timing chip and one race number.  The relay team participants will pass these to their team mate after they finish their portion of the race.  Remember, the course that the relay team must complete is based upon the age of OLDEST member of the relay team.  So if your relay team has an adult on the team, all members of the relay team must complete the distances listed in the 15+ course map.

10)  The course maps can be found on the CAO website at

Please ensure your child understands the course they will be using.