Important information

Discipline Policy and Student Guidelines for behavior and etiquette
ISB DANCE requires that students follow the guidelines for behavior and etiquette during dance classes. These guidelines support safety in the classroom and ensure the best learning environment for the young dancer. Dance guidelines are universal and once adhered to will support the student’s ability to learn and grow quickly in the art of dance. These guidelines make traveling from one country to another, one dance studio to the next, much simpler since all dance studios ask the same from their dancers.

  1. Students must wear proper clothing and footwear for the classes.  Hair should be properly secured throughout class. (Please see the section “Class Attire”.)
  2. No Gum or Candy should be consumed in the Dance Room.
  3. Students should enter the room quietly and respectfully about 5 minutes prior to the scheduled class time to begin warming up. No running around the dance-room unless directed by the teacher.
  4. Students listen carefully to the dance teacher for instruction and direction.
  5. Participate in the dance class to the best of one’s ability.
  6. If injured, describes the injury to the teacher and follows the teacher’s advice.
  7. At all times shows respect for the dance teacher and for fellow students.

For your health and safety:

  1. No jewelry, please.
  2. No hanging or playing around on the dance barres.
  3. No sitting or lounging around while waiting for your turn to dance across the floor.
  4. No touching the dance mirrors.
  5. Please speak up if you have a question.

Discipline Policy

If student is being disruptive to the teacher or to the class, he or she may be asked to sit out and watch until he/she is ready to return to the class. If necessary student and parents will be asked to meet with Mrs. Helen Weir to discuss further disciplinary actions

Information for Parents

Parents can play an important role in their child’s dance education by supporting and respecting the dance teacher’s professional background. All teachers in the ISB Dance Program are working hard together to install the love of dance in your child. At the same time, dance is a very disciplined art form that takes years of study and hard work to perfect. Both aspects are combined in this program to provide a well- rounded dance program for your children. In order for our program to run smoothly and successfully, we will need your support and assistance, especially toward the end of the school year for our year–end performance. Please ask if you have questions.

  1. Please carefully review these guidelines with your child at home.
  2. Please ensure Dancers arrive no more than 5 minutes early for class. No Childcare is provided and this is adequate time to make final clothing and hair adjustments and begin warming up.
  3. Please pick up children promptly after class.
  4. For the benefit of your child, we do not allow spectators in the classroom on an ongoing basis. Parent Viewing Week will be held In the first semester. We would appreciate you leaving younger siblings at home if possible.
  5. Attendance is important. Dance requires learning physical skills that can only be learned in class. A Dancer missing 3 lessons in the 2nd Semester will be excluded from performing.
  6. Please note that attendance at Rehearsals and Performances is required. Students will not perform if they miss technical or dress rehearsals without a valid excuse (i.e. Illness), and will be excluded from rejoining the program.
  7. Practice at home is encouraged to improve memory and skill development.

For  further questions please do not hesitate to contact ASD Director

Mrs.  Helen R Weir, at