ISB Music Program


Welcome to ISB Music Program!

Learning to play a musical instrument actually makes you smarter! Years of scientific research on the brain have revealed that disciplined practice playing a musical instrument engages and strengthens all areas of the brain, including auditory, visual, and motor areas, allowing us to apply those strengths to other activities. This youtube video describes how learning to play a musical instrument helps to build executive function in the brain which is important for critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity.

ISB Music Program offers private lessons with highly trained and professional musicians. Program organizers collaborate with ISB music teachers to engage qualified instructors for all ability levels, whether students are taking up a new instrument or are seeking advanced tuition. Parents and siblings can enroll as well, when time slots are available.


ISB Music Program offers lessons in the following:

Clarinet, Flute, French Horn, Saxophone, Trumpet, Guitar, Drums, Piano, Viola/Violin, Cello and Voice

If there is enough interest in other instruments, an attempt will be made to hire teachers to offer lessons.