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Welcome to the ISB Panther Gymnastics club! Gymnastics is considered one of the most challenging and technical sports. It requires a fine balance of explosive power, speed and elegance. Our gymnasts tend to spend as much time in the air and upside down as they do on their feet. What goes up tends to come back down and (while entertainment is guaranteed whichever way this might happen) it takes a lot of practice and some cold blood to control this process. Training develops strength, flexibility, coordination of movement, endurance and balance just to name a few, so gymnasts tend to be very well-rounded athletes.

ISB Panther Gymnastics is open for all ISB students, from Pre-K to High School, boys and girls. We welcome beginners as well as experienced gymnasts. Our program is based on the Australian Gymnastics System (, Artistic Gymnastics. Our coaches are experienced gymnasts and passionate about their sport. Several of them have competed for the Thai National Team and have worked with kids from international schools for many years.

ISB and the BISAC schools have adopted the Australian Levels Program 2015 and Beyond Version 1.0 for the coming season, for both WAG and MAG. For further information please go to this website.

This link leads to a few explanatory videos.

Our mission is to bring out the gymnast in our members and transfer our passion for gymnastics to each of them. Some will want to compete when possible and some just wish to learn gymnastics for recreational purposes and we strive to accommodate each individual goal with their practice.

Please go to our website for further information,


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