Dear IASAS Art and Film Advisors,

With only one day to go before this year’s IASAS Cultural Convention for Art & Film, I wanted to reach out one more time with a few updates and some resources for this year’s event. Actual booklets were mailed to each school last week. Please let me know if you have any issues receiving them. Please join us Thursday, November 11th at 07:45 (GMT+7), and Saturday, November 13th at 16:30 (GMT+7) for the Art & Film Opening Ceremony and the Art & Film Closing Ceremony
Visual Art teams were sent a missive yesterday including an art specific website for participants and coaches only as well as the password required for entry into all sessions. Because the art collaborations were designed with the participation of all delegates, please let us know right away if the circumstances at your school will impact student attendance at any point during the convention. Film teams have been back and forth as well with details regarding schedule, workshops, and the 24HFC. Please review these exchanges thoroughly and reach out if clarification is needed. Here too, please let us know if the circumstances at your school will prohibit individual delegates or groups from participation in any aspect of the convention. Of course, if things come up during the conference, please let us know right away so that we can pivot on our end to support your cohorts. 
I created a schedule (GMT+7) for our team HERE that shows side by side, the what, where and when for Art, Film, and MUN. Although not intended as an official document for distribution, we have found it helpful to navigate the three events together. In addition, please find more information on our official website which is now live!
  • Please share Spirit of IASAS form HERE with all of your art & film delegates to nominate team members from your own school, or another, who “have gone above and beyond expectations” leading up to, or during the convention itself. Nominations are due by 10:00am Saturday morning (GMT+7), November 12th.
Although we long for the time when we can all be together again, we are eager to have our students together virtually! As  always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.