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World Building for Film and Games – with Chris Rogers

Ever wonder how the fictional worlds of our favorite films, video games and TV shows go from idea to screen? In this workshop, learn some key design techniques used by professional concept artists to breathe life into imaginary worlds. Get the tools to create truly relatable, believable and creative environments and characters. Also learn about […]


Cyanotype printmaking – with Basil Tahan

The color blue has had a remarkable impact on the history of world trade. Rarely occurring in the natural world, blue pigments were, for centuries, highly sought-after by craftsmen and merchants. Basil Tahan will be offering students the chance to learn how to use chemistry and light to create unique and beautiful blue artworks called […]


Underwater Creative Photography – with Tim Calver

We are incredibly lucky to have Mr. Tim Calver as one of our ISB community members. Tim is a photographer who specializes in underwater photography. His passion for marine biology and conservation has guided some of his amazing projects including work for The History Channel, National Geographic and the US Coast Guard. He has also […]