Greetings IASAS Art Coaches,

Let us start with a huge thank you for completing the monumental task of building a team and submitting everything for the publications. It makes us so proud to be a part of this amazing IASAS community of artists. 

Apologies for the late Friday email, but we want to make sure we give you plenty of lead time to prepare an “Engaging with Art” experience for your delegates on Friday November 12th. 

As you may know, the plan for the Friday of the convention is to have the delegates visiting the IASAS Art Exhibition and galleries. We are hosting the morning session (8:00-12:00) with a focus on delegates sharing the incredibly creative pieces submitted for this event. 

Everyone is obviously in a different situation right now, so we’re going to have to rely on you to organize the Friday afternoon component of the convention locally. If it’s logistically possible, we encourage you to get your students off-campus and into whatever galleries and museums are accessible. If everyone was here, we’d be taking a trip into Bangkok for students to visit galleries, view artwork, and share their ideas with each other. It’s up to you and your school to determine how to best approach what we believe is a very valuable part of the IASAS CC Art experience. 

Currently our own afternoon plans are tenuous. Our plan A is to take a trip into Bangkok to visit galleries, but if it were tomorrow this wouldn’t be possible. We’re hoping things change. Our plan B is to bring local artists and curators to talk with our delegates on-campus. Our plan C is to have students visit galleries virtually.

If you’re struggling for ideas and/or would like resources to help with the afternoon, please let us know. 

All our best, 

ISB CC Art Team

(Basil, Trista, Andy)